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Why Your Next Bike Should Be Custom Speed Metal Ti

A Ti bike from Spin Industries is Speed Metal. Not heavy metal. And it's nothing less than hand crafted art in motion.
The days of the artisan bike builders and truly unique parts have long gone. These days, everyone's on more or less the same bike no matter what name's plastered along the down tube. Well, we're on a mission to bring the art, the craft and the individuality back. With a vengeance.

You can't make Ti bikes in a hurry
You can't make them in a mould, or with any kind of slick mass production. Titanium is notoriously hard to work. It fights back and has a wilful personality. We really love that. But what it takes from us during the many long and arduous hours of fabrication, it gives back to you on every ride. And we really, really love that.

Not all Ti is created equal. The reason: real craftsmanship is in very short supply
But we happen to employ the world's finest aerospace trained Ti craftsmen and women, and their meticulous work is right there proudly on show. You can see it in every weld. You can feel it in every small detail. Nothing is hidden. We encourage you to compare SIC craftsmanship to that which you'll find on other metal bikes. Hold our Ti frames and components to account against the best you can find at any price. We believe you will not be disappointed.

Titanium looks like nothing else
We love all kinds of bicycles. But it looks increasingly to us that everyone is riding the same bike these days, no matter what name is on the down tube. See that carbon bike with the projectile vomit graphics? Crikey! There's another. They're all screaming "look at me". We prefer not to shout, and the Spit doesn't need to.

Titanium rides like nothing else
Ti comes alive when you ride, and your bike becomes your ally and trusted friend. Steel is closest in feel. But that's only if all your rides are downhill! If you want to ride up hill and fast through the twisty stuff, then the lightweight custom shaped tubes of our Ti frames make for super responsive bikes that sacrifice nothing to stiffness nor power transfer. But just like steel, they don't beat you up.

Spin Industries Ti is properly metal - but it ain't heavy
We like metal. It's reassuringly tough. Titanium is the speed metal. And we turn it into bicycles comparable in weight and performance to the very highest of high-end carbon frames. But instead of plastic you get a bike that is reassuringly metallic. We're talking high-end carbon as our comparison by the way, not the bog standard varieties found at the cheaper end of the aisle. Now, if you're a pro who's being paid to ride carbon then it makes sense. With 3 or 4 new (free) frames every year, who cares? But if you're not a pro? Still want to splash your cash to ride and eventually trash plastic?

The initial cost appears to be high but the lifetime cost isn't: Ti lasts!
Impervious to rust, corrosion, road grime, scratches, knocks, dings and everything you can throw at it. No paint to scratch. Looks the same in 10 years as now. Take a good look at any top end carbon, alu or steel frame made 10 or even 5 years ago and see if it can make the same claim. The fact is, you're probably looking at trading in your all-singing & dancing carbon superbike every couple of years. You're thinking to yourself, and quite wisely, can I continue to trust a plastic bike where the entire structural integrity is hidden from view and is unknowable without that expensive X-Ray scanning equipment I seem to have mislaid? You can of course trade in your Ti bike too, but the difference is that you won't actually need to. And you probably won't want to.

We reckon a Speed Metal bike is mighty purty bike. But don't be fooled: they're hard as nails. 
Our frames weren't named Spitfire, Thunder and Lightning by accident. Whichever one you ride, treat her like a tool. Enjoy every minute of riding her in even the foulest of conditions, safe in the knowledge that when the ride's over, your job's done. No worries about fastidiously cleaning every nook and cranny, wondering when corrosion, delamination or fatigue will start setting in. Just go and put your feet up. If you're the pilot of a Titanium Spitfire, a Super SIC Lightning X or a 'Drome dominating Thunder, you've earned it.

The lessons learnt during a lifetime of riding
Titanium is an engineer's dream material. It's also the dream material for high performance bike frames and parts. But only if you know what makes a great bike well before you even think about bending, bashing, forming and welding metal. What we've learnt is what differentiates a great bike from just any bike. It's the thought that goes into the smallest of details. These add up to make a huge difference over a lifetime of ownership. Not just to the ride and performance, but to your pride and satisfaction.

The SIC School of Bike Engineering & Design has evolved through our own lives of riding and studying other craftsmen's bikes. And the lessons from a lifetime of riding and learning are exactly those we put into every SIC titanium bike and individually hand crafted component.

Our no quibble warranty on materials and workmanship takes you through the first 5 years of ownership and comes coupled to our lifetime crash repair and replacement programme
We're really sorry to say it, but Speed Metal titanium frames will most likely outlast their owners. But at least you'll have something nice to leave the kids.

A titanium bike isn't however indesctructible.  If your SIC Ti frame should suffer a failure under normal use, we'll repair or replace it at no charge within its first five years of lifespan. In our experience however, much more useful than the warranty is our Crash Replacement Program. It's there for if and when you miss that hairpin on the descent of The Alpe, or when you forgot that your bike is on your car's roof when entering that low ceilinged underground car park.  And it means your investment in Speed Metal won't be totally lost - if we can't repair your frame then we'll offer you upto 50% off retail on a replacement of your choice.   

We hope you agree that with this piece of mind, there's simply nothing left to stop you enjoying your Speed Metal to the full.

See you out on the road.
The Spin Dr.