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Why Hand Built Is Best

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At the Speed Shop we don't stock wheels
That may surprise you, seeing as how our webstore is full of fast wheels. But you see, stock wheels aren't made for you. In fact they're made for no one in particular. They're made so that they work for everyone, from a flyweight sub-50kg mountain goat to a rugby-playing, beer swilling 150 kg powerhouse. You're probably comfortably somewhere inside this range of extreme riders. So you start to see that a stock factory wheel might not in fact be the best wheels you could be riding.

You don't buy a "one-size fits all" bike. So why buy "one-build suits all" wheels?
That's why we don't build your pair of Koppenberg wheels until you order them. And that's why we build every wheel by hand from start to finish. We believe that wheels made this way are the cycling equivalent of a fine pair of bespoke leather shoes. Mass produced, machine-built wheels are OK. For the masses. But once you've experienced a pair made just for you, optimised for your weight and ride requirements, you'll never be satisfied with anything less.

What's more, our wheels will last for thousands of trouble-free miles. They're easy to service and maintain. They're backed by our full warranty and crash replacement programmes. And they're probably not as expensive as you fear.

Finally, we reckon that knowing exactly who built your wheels means greater piece of mind. Instead of worying about our warranty small print, and the chain of communication you'd have to battle through to get anywhere, it means knowing exactly whho to go to if you crash or damage them. It means knowing the right spare parts are always available and are just a few clicks or a quick phone call away.

Find out more about how we build our wheels and why we build them this way.

K2 Wheels are proven in the pro peloton:SpinRotorPrimal Tour Series 2013