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Carbon Wheels for Road, Track, Fixed, TT, Tri, CX, Gravel & Adventure Bikes


Effortless speed. Gut wrenching grip. Incredible comfort. Super wide.


Fat Boy wheels from Spin Industries are hand built with passion and precision.

I make every wheel in my Speed Shed, right here in England. Every one of them built with just one specific rider in mind.







Demand more from your wheels!

More Speed. More Grip. More Comfort. More Control. More Wheel!

I’ve engineered the DM8 Super Fat Boys to be aero, light, stiff, robust, and durable. You know, all that stuff every high-performance wheel brand lays claim to - some more truthfully, and many more optimistically than others.

But for the DM8 series rim profiles, all of that was simply not enough. Because if you want to go really fast out there in the real world - consistently fast, with supreme comfort and sure-footed grip that you can take for granted - then it's your tyres that are in fact the key.

So my goal with DM8 was to deliver perfect tread profiles with 25mm and bigger tyres - arcing smoothly from one edge of the rim to the other, without any need for high pressures nor bulging sidewalls. Because what this means to you, out on your bike is more! More speed, more grip, more comfort, and more safety. And all of this for less effort.


Demand more - spend less!
Less cash. Less effort. More wheel!


DM8 Fat Boy ceramic composite braking #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese FIND OUT MORE


Life's too short to ride slow / dull / simply boring wheels! These Fat Boys will transform your ride - so what are you waiting for?

Swapping out your bike's standard skinny wheels - even very expensive, even terribly famous, and even super lightweight wheels - for any of those I make will transform your ride and your enjoyment along with it. It's the single best bike investment you can make short of a custom frame. (And we make those too!)

I reckon life's too short to ride either rubbish or just plain boring wheels. I believe that every serious rider deserves to spin on awesome wheels instead. Not just the pros, not just those who race seriously. And not just those with the biggest bulging wallets - although naturally I'd love to make wheels for you all!

So no matter what kind of rider you are - rich / not so rich, fat / thin, fast / slow, racer, or just pottering along - I'm here to make your ride better.

Riding your bike should be fun. Life's short, so you deserve more fun. And I can help.

Sincerely Yours
The Spin Meister