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Ultimate Spoke Nipple Tool

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Save Your Nipples

Get this and true your wheels like a Certified Spin Meister. 

At the Speed Shop, there's only one nipple wrench we ever use, and it's this one from our friends at P&K Lie in Germany, makers of the finest wheel crafting tools and the most precise truing system on planet bike.

What's so special about this little tool? Well for a start it precisely and snuggly grips the 14G external nipples most commonly found on road and mtb wheels. 

And what's more, it grips your nips on all four sides. At the very same time! 

Lesser and much more famous "spoke" keys and wrenches usually only grip on 2 or 3 sides, and the result is that you'll often end up rounding out hard-to-budge "frozen" nipples. Especially after a long winter full of wet training rides. And especially if your wheels were built with alloy nipples. Check out the side by side comparision in the gallery to see the difference between the famous brand spoke wrench, and this precision tool.

If you've already invested in a decent pair ofwheels then there's no better further investment you can make to keep them in top tune than this little tool. 

We have various bright anodised colours in stock (black, silver, purple, gold and blue the last time we checked). They're all pretty but more important, they all do the same job brilliantly.  We'll ship a random lucky colour unless you tell us your preference or two in the comments box at checkout. We can't guarantee to have that colour left in stock, but we'll do our best to find the exact or closest one. Apologies in advance if your first choice is no longer available. 

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Various colours

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