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Tyres and Brake Spare Parts For Carbon Rims

Wheel bags, brake pads for carbon rims, wheel servicing & spare / service parts to keep you spinning fast & smooth

Scroll down to find replacement parts and spares to keep you rolling.  From the ultimate performance carbon brake pads at a fraction of the price the Big Boys will charge you, to a Speed Metal Ti skewer upgrade that will actually hold your wheels in place.  Look out for our great value tyres & tubes packages as well.  We know there's a ton of tyres on the market but we only sell the tyres we actually roll on ourselves - and we try out lots of different combinations to see which ones really do stand out perform the best with the wheels we make.  

If you fancy building your own pair of hoops then check out our range of lightweight forged and precision machined hubs which compare with any of the top brands for weight, performance, speed and reliability at a fraction of the price. You can find our entire range of hubs here, or from Components in the main menu.

Tyres, brake pads & more ...