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The Right Stuff

Ride The Right Stuff. Making the right choice.

At Spin Industries Co, we believe no matter what the job is, if you want the best results then start with the best materials and finish with the best craftsmanship. We call this The Right Stuff. And for the job of crafting bike frames, our material of choice is titanium

In an age dominated by cheap, mass-produced carbon reinforced plastic bikes, you would be wise to ask us why? And our answer is very simple.

Hand-fabricated, precision-engineered titanium is The Right Stuff because of its intrinsic physical properties. And because we have yet to find any better material from which to craft strong, stiff, light and responsive high-performance bikes.

You know, those rare bikes that ride like a dream, look a million bucks and last a lifetime.

Those happen to be exactly the bikes we like.

And they're the only bikes we make.

SIC Ti is Speed Metal. Not Heavy Metal.

Here's what we believe at SIC. If you:

  • are looking for a high-performance bike that's also strong and light
  • you're paying to ride rather than being paid to ride
  • you want a bike that stands out from the crowd 
  • you want a bike that's stiff in all the right ways for max performance yet delivers all-day ride comfort 
  • you want a bike that not only looks great today but will look just as good in 10 or 20 years' time
  • you don't want to worry about scratching the paint when loading bikes in and out of the boot
  • you want a bike that won't rust, corrode, flake or de-laminate 
  • you want a bike that can stand up to any amount of year-round, all-season abuse you choose to throw at it

If that sounds like you then we believe that really, you only have one choice when choosing the right frame material for your next bike. Titanium. Or, as we call our own particular blend of certified space station titanium: Spindustrial Speed Metal.

The simple fact is, any one of the entirely hand-crafted SIC Titanium race, track, cross or sporting bikes will outperform and outlast any number of carbon, steel or aluminium framed interlopers.

It will do so whilst looking like nothing else. And it will do so not just now, and not just this season, but for your whole lifetime.

Factor this simple insight in and you'll realise something unexpectedly pleasant. The sooner you invest in SIC Ti, the cheaper your total lifetime of riding gets. Plus, you'll have much more fun doing it.

We don't expect everyone to agree, but for us it really doesn't get much better than that.