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About Spin Industries

Making Only The Bikes I Believe In.

And Selling Only What I Ride.

That in a nut shell is what I do and how I do it. My name is Drew and together with my tiny dedicated team we spend our days creating, developing and crafting the very best bikes, wheels and parts we know how.   

How did we get started?
Our business is family owned and run and we started out more than 20 years ago in very humble surroundings when my brother-in-law invested his entire life savings (amounting to only a few hundred dollars) in a very old, very second hand milling machine. Our first workshop was located in an unused area of someone else's premises in a tiny backstreet in Singapore. Today the business has grown into a group of engineering and fabrication companies and operates from multiple facilities across asia and europe.  My division is the fun bit, where we dream up, then create light fast & beautiful titanium bikes, high performance lightweight wheels and more than a few custom bike parts as well.  

We're grounded in the design, engineering and production of high precision industrial components, OEM precision tool & mould fabrication, through to rapid prototyping and aerospace approved products that are used today around the globe and by industries as diverse as automotive, aviation, marine, motorsport, electronics and manufacturing. You can find our products racing through the forest on MINI WRC rally cars, sailing the oceans on superyachts or helping to produce some of the more precise and intricate parts that make up your TV or aircon.

When I decided to engineer and craft my own bicycles, I did so because I wanted to and not because I had to. I did so after a lifetime of riding the road, experiencing its pain and its pleasure. I did so as an old-school roadie first and foremost, and as a long time admirer of the form and the function of the simple push bike. And I did so because I've never been less than truly inspired by the beauty, the majesty and the epic landscape of road racing, starting from when I was a schoolboy and first fell in love with the mystique and folklore of pro bike racing back in the day.

And when it came to making my first bikes, there was only ever one material I considered for the frame: titanium. A material that I know extremely well. From a professional point of view. And from thousands of miles astride!

Over the past 20 years or so, I had developed a love for titanium as the perfect frame material. This love soon developed into an expensive habit.  I became addicted to the very best bikes made by the pioneers and masters of the metal. Names such as Lynskey, Litespeed, Merlin, Moots and De Rosa. These are the fabricators that I measure SIC against, the benchmark for Ti bikes.

Today there's a large choice of bargain basement Ti bikes. Sadly you won't find ours down there. But for similar money, we're confident that you won't find any other with the level of knowledge, detail, craftsmanship and care we put into our beautifully engineered, properly thought out frames.

But we go further still, because unlike most Ti bike companies, we think a great Ti frame deserves nothing less than custom tuned titanium parts to match. Mating a Ti frame to an alloy stem or carbon seat post is detrimental to performance and ride. We mate our Ti frames to perfectly matched Ti seat posts, headsets and stems, and to carefully optimised all-carbon forks and bars.

Then there's our wheels.  We've built and sold a lot of wheels to customers and especially racers around the world over the last five years or so, and we've learnt a great deal in the process. Recently we decided to spin off the wheel division with its own identity: K2. Or K2 Wheel power in full. We noticed that most of our customers no longer wanted to ride tubulars but still wanted the same feel and performance that until now only tubs could deliver. So the K2 range has been conceived from day one as a clincher-only range, but offering clinchers that can truly compete with tubs. And so all K2 wheels are built on wide-profile rims optimised for the most commonly used tyre, the 23c clincher.  K2 is possibly the only all-wide wheel company in the world right now. 

All in all we believe in attention to detail, and product design based on both function and beautiful form.  We continue to make bikes, wheels and parts because we want to. And we believe these are the qualities that make all the difference. Bikes made by people who truly love to ride, and those conceived just to shift units. We believe that if you like light, fast and beautiful bikes then you'll find plenty to like here.

At SIC we only make the bikes we want to own and ride ourselves. They're the bikes that started out as sketches in the back of my school work books when I really should have been listening to the teacher. They're the bikes that everyone here has been destined to build for a lifetime. And they're the bikes now fully realised. In speed metals and carbon fibres!

Drew Gill, Founder, Spin Industries