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Custom Made Titanium Bike

It's custom crafted titanium bike. Made millimetre perfect for you - and no other rider.

It all starts by learning who you are and what you need your new bike to be.



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Knowing just who's bike this is before it's made has big advantages.

It means not only getting the critical dimensions of stack and reach spot on, so that the rider's weight is positioned as centred and low as possible. It also means that each and every tube gets selected to precisely match your weight, size, power and ride style.

Re-engineering the main tubes to enhance either stiffness or comfort results in finished profiles and tube shapes unique to each and every frame.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese



Browse the models below to see what our road, road disc, gravel/adventure/cx and track bikes look like. But remember, these are just the starting points for what will be your own entirely unique bike.



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To get your best ever bike out of your head and onto my drawing board, give me a call or use this button to mail me.



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I'm ready to help realise your dream.


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