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Speed Metal Custom Lightning X-1 - superfast titanium for the road

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Lightning X re-engineered: the all-new Lightning X-1 Custom. 

When we imagined what our signature frame, the Lightning X could become, we took our inspiration from a guy with plenty of the Right Stuff. We didn't know if we would succeed. But our duty was to try!

The old Lightning X was the machine that read your mind. The bike that handled in all conditions. That combined top-name, top-money carbon-beating race day performance with an incredible all-day ride comfort. That won some seriously rave press reviews even though it was only an old fashioned metal bike. Our customers raced it. They rode it around the world and back again. And they simply loved it.

So it was quite a task when we sat down to imagine how we might top it. What we needed was some serious inspiration, so we looked to one of our favourite characters from the early days of the Space Race era, legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager, a chap who had plenty of The Right Stuff. And we took his advice to heart, as that's how we like to spin on these here at the Speed Shop. When asked about his attitude to piloting the scary and unproven X-1 aircraft that heralded the dawn of the supersonic age, Chuck humbly replied that he didn't know if the X-1 could do it - but it was his duty to try!  We felt the same.

The first step to create a worthy successor to our own Lightning X was to start by engineering an entirely all-new, high performance tube set. Our previous generation tubes, pushed to their very limits by last gen X and custom drawn from a single aerospace grade titanium alloy had nothing left to give us. So began a long process of trial and error, real world testing of different materials and suppiers, wall thicknesses, fabrication techniques and tube shaping. And what we found was that significant improvements to both the performance and comfort of our frames could be attained by combining a blend of tubes custom drawn from three entirely different aerospace titanium grades.  

This magic blend of aerospace titanium & Ti alloys enabled us to fatten up all the main frame tube diameters to dramatically increase lateral & steering stiffness; develop a new head tube to accomodate both taper and straight fork steerers without increasing mass; and provides significantly greater weld area in all the critical clusters for improved overall strength, stiffness and durability.

When we'd done perfecting the tubes, we introduced them to their new partners: the best titanium hardware we could lay our hands on. Fully enclosed solid machined Ti dropouts from the USA's Paragon Machine Works. And superlatively machined BB shells, pips, bridges and other small hard parts from PMP in Italy.

Back in the bike shed, we follow a simple recipe to cook these fat pipes and parts up into your ultimate bike frame.  With our signature, race-inspired geometries setting the benchmarks, we shape and smoke the pipes. Then we get busy cooking on full (argon) gas. At this point we mix in our trademark craftsmanship, and the result is what we call Speed Metal.  Its like a work of art, but really it's a precision speed tool. Ride it like you hate it! Or just sit and stare.

Your Lightning X-1 Custom is built in every critical length to your mm perfect size and in quicker time than it often takes big name suppliers of stock size bikes to lose your order.

Your Lightning X-1 is custom tuned and adjusted to suit your shape, build, height & weight, together with your experience and ride preferences dialled right in.

And your Lightning X-1 is built for Di2 internal cabling, or for conventional external shifter cables, and can accomodate 1-1/8", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" taper forks with our 46mm Inset head tube option, or opt for the more traditional look of a 1-1/8" - 1-1/8" fork with fully external top and bottom head cups.

Give us a call or mail us in the first instance to talk through how you want Your Lightning X-1.

Product Videos

Just How Fast Is Lightning? 01:05

Spin Industries Lightning X-1 Custom pilot Mark W gives us his opinion and rides past very fast. We were lucky to catch him on his first ride aboard his new custom titanium machine. And it's not just the bike that's quick: we don't exactly hang around making them either! Your very own bespoke custom spec, precision fit titanium superbike can be yours in just 6-8 weeks. Find out more about our award and race winning custom frames and wheels at

  • Just How Fast ...
    Spin Industries Lightning X-1 Custom pilot Mark W gives us his...

Warranty Information

Defective materials / workmanship - five years
Crash replacement program - lifetime for original owner

Product Specifications

Frame Sizes (top tube, horizontal, c-c):
Frame Weight:
1495g average (545mm top tube)
Head Tube:
42mm for 1-1/8" external threadless headset or 44mm Inset for straight 1-1/8", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" taper forks
Bottom Bracket:
ISO / BSA threaded 68mm
Down Tube:
48mm OD super oversize bi-axial oval
Seat Tube:
35mm OD triple-butted
Top Tube:
35mm OD bi-axial ovalised
What's In The Box:
SPN Precision 35mm alloy seatclamp, bottle bolts & BB derailleur guide

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