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Spin The News: reviews and stories about us from around the cycling press. Click on the headline to view the full story. You can also type "review" in the search box at the top of each page to find additional news and reviews.

And don't forget to look out for the most important reviews we have, kindly contributed by Those Who Know: our customers. You'll find our older reviews inside the Product Reviews tab on every product listing page, as well as all our latest customer reviews here.

Spin Industries helps you build your Dream Bike  

One man's dream bike "realised through the brilliance of Spin"

That was the headline for an article by our customer Rob Atkins in Portsmouth's The News. Here's an excerpt:

"When a pal asked whether I was going to get the wheels for my new bike hand built or off the shelf, I laughed. The idea of having something customised is a special one. However, the general consensus is it will come with a hefty price tag and a long wait.

"But Spin Industries dispelled that myth by finishing off my new bike with stunning, hand-built hoops at a fraction of the price of their mass-produced, factory-dwelling rivals.

"I can’t remember the last time something was custom made for me, aside from the odd birthday card from the wife. And the chance to pick the brains of a master craftsman, hatch a grand plan and then set him to work seems like an impossible dream in the modern world...

Read Rob's full story and see his stunning project bike in The News here say Spin Dark Energy carbon wheels amongst the very best  

Our precision hand built wheels make's pick of the very best - Wheel Buyers Guide November 2015's John Stevenson says our Dark Energy carbon wheels deliver "bags of speed with a fat rim profile reminiscent of a Zipp or Enve but at a fraction of the price... making them an ideal upgrade for anyone looking to invest in their first deep section carbon wheels.

"With the 40mm rims, they weigh 1465g per pair. That's a very competitive weight, certainly for the price. You won't get much lighter unless you're prepared to spend quite a lot more money. Braking with the supplied Dark Matter brake blocks was excellent."

Read the Buyers Guide on
220 Triathlon recommend 5 top carbon race wheels, starting with the Dark Energy Fat Boys  

Triathletes Spin Faster on these Dark Energy Fat Boys - 220 Tri Magazine, August 2015

Remembering their earlier in-depth test of the 2015 Zurich 5150 winning DMX960 Dark Energy wheels (thanks Catherine Jameson!), 220 Triathlon mag placed them firmly amongst some illustrious top-end, big-name, big-bucks company in chosing just 5 pairs of race wheels to recommend their readers.

Click here to see their verdict, or buy the August 2015 issue 315 of the mag and read the whole in-depth article.

 The Dark Energy 440s win out over the Vision Metron 40s according to say the Vision Metron 40s are great top-end carbon clinchers, but you might want to Spin On These! review the famous Vision Metron 40s and conclude that they're a great pair of really top-end carbon clinchers and worthy of consideration against the uber money competition from the likes of Zipp and Enve ...But

And the "but" in question is that before splashing out £1500 on the Metrons, you might want to Spin On These possibly even more awesome XLR38s, now updated to full-stealth mode Dark Energy 440s.

Of course, as mere humble wheel makers, we couldn't possibly comment.

Click here & head over to to read the full Vision Metron review for yourself.

 Cycling Plus love the Koppenberg Fat Alloys on this Sarto Dinamica  

Fat Boy Rim's a hit with Cycling Plus

Sarto make super high end money-no-object custom carbon frames and when it was time to send their awesome Dinamica road bike to C+ for review, they asked us to make them a pair of our reasonably priced alloy Koppenberg Fat Boys.  

To say that C+ liked the bike would be an understatement. We think they liked the wheels too.

Click here to see the full review.

 SPN Precision Carbon Bottle Cage say you won't lose your bottle with our lightweight carbon cage

We hadn't even spotted this review which came out yonks ago. Thanks to the customer who mailed us to ask if we still had any more of the older version from the review in stock. Sadly we don't but we do still have a few of these fully exposed naked carbon versions left at a giveaway price.

Click here for the review, or here to grab one for yourself before they're all gone. 

 XLR38 review by in-depth long term review X-Series wheels: XLR38

From the review:

These wheels easily make a strong argument for their selection over other carbon wheels at this price, as they're clearly head and shoulders above just about everything else...

There has been a rapid rise in the choice of carbon clinchers at the £1,000 mark and it can be difficult to differentiate between them. Spin have a good few years behind them, and it's nice to know they build all their wheels by hand in the UK. These have a thoroughly modern rim design echoing that of more expensive wheels on the market, but at a fraction of the price and with fantastic speed, reliability and dependable braking performance. That they look good too makes them easy to recommend.


Deliciously fast and smooth carbon clincher wheels at a great price and weight

Overall rating: 9/10

Koppenbergs voted Top Upgrade for 2015 pick their Top 20 Upgrades for your bike in 2015

As well as voting the Spin Koppenberg MAX25 wheelset one of their Top 20 cycling products of 2014, have also picked them as a Top Upgrade choice for your bike in 2015.

Spin over to by clicking the links to read all about it for yourself.

Or just get us to build you your very own V-limited edition pair right now!

 Come over to the Dark Side  

220 Triathlon Big Group Test: Dark Energy DMX960 wheels

220 Tri magazine has just given a big thumbs up for Dark Energy, scoring the DMX960s above lots of big and famous name competition.

The future of two-wheeled human-powered speed is thus assured!

See the juicy bits by clicking the link above. Or just invest in some serious speed now!

 Sarto Seta Superbike Spins on X-Series Carbones Sarto Seta spins on K2 Carbone X-Series wheels

The verdict's in on Sarto's Seta. gave this bike the in-depth treatment, all the while shod with a range of Spin Koppenberg Carbone X-Series wheels. They loved the bike and here's an extract:

"Wheels always have a great influence on the character of any bike, and the Spin XLR38 Fat Boy wheels proved a fine match for the frame. They're astoundingly fast, spinning up to speed from stationary very rapidly and cruising along at high pace with ease, accompanied by a great soundtrack, a sort of low down echo that just sounds darn fast."

Click the link above to see and read it all on or get us to build your very own pair of XLR38s and transform your bike's ride, grip and speed right now!

Sarto Antonio Spin On These  

Sarto Seta previews with new Dark Energy DMX960 wheels were the first to get their hands on the new Sarto Seta and Spin Dark Energy wheels.

Click the link to see and read it all on Spin On These  

Koppenberg MAX25 in-depth wheel review's David Arthur tests our wheels, races them and even tries to destroy them by crashing into a motorbike midway through a race.

But instead of a pile of bent metal, wobblyness and broken spokes, what he found delighted him instead. He liked them.

Click the link to see and read it all on


Deus Ex Machina Spin On These  

God is in the Details

And outside the machine. Cycling Plus magazine noticed. 

Deus bike that you have to pedal is on test with a pair of quick Koppenberg Carbone XLR50s slotted in. C+ liked it.

We'd happily park any of their motor powered machina in our bikeshed any day, if any Deus Top Honchos are reading this...

Tri Stars Spin On These  

Koppenberg MAX25 & XLR38 wheels on review

Triathletes and Tri-Stars are finding their inner Spin.

220Triathlon magazine is at the sharp end and they like 'em.


Deus Ex Machina Spin On These

Deus Cycleworks Milan importer slots in some quick K2 Carbone XLR50s for the UK launch of their flagship bike. Bikeradar take notice.

They liked it.

Lightning X is the Cover Star  

Cyclist Mag: Cover Star Spins on the X

Cyclist Issue 23 rides the X somewhere very hilly and very exotic.

They liked it.

Well, at least enough to stick it on the cover.

 K2 Carbone X50 on test 220 Triathlon  

220 Triathlon Magazine Spin On These

220 Tri test the K2 Carbone X50s and give their verdict.

They liked them.


 The NeroX25 wheelset in 220 Tri  

220 Triathlon Magazine Spin On These

220 Tri feature the K2 Koppenberg NeroX25s.

Their verdict: "very cool".

We guess they liked them.

 C+ Issue 286: Those Who Know Spin On The X  

C Plus: Those Who Know Spin On The X

SIC Lightning X Race bike awarded VIB status in Issue 286 April 2014.

They liked it.


Coolest Bikes of CycleShow 2013

Bike Radar pick the SIC Spitfire III as one of their coolest road bikes at the UK's biggest annual bike show 

 Procycling Magazine  

Procycling Magazine struck by Lightning

Full review of the SIC Lightning X with K2Carbone SLR38 wheelset.

They liked it.

 Cyclist Magazine  

Cyclist Magazine Spits Fire

Full review of the SIC Spitfire III with K2Carbone SLR50 wheelset.

They liked it.

 Urban Cyclist  

Urban Cyclist Demands Thunder

Full review and track bike shoot out of the SIC Thunder TX bike with K2Carbone Drome88 wheelset.

They liked it.

 Cycling Plus Issue 272  

C Plus: Spitfire a Very Important Bike

SIC Spitfire III Race bike awarded VIB status in Issue 272.

They liked it.

 Procycling Issues  

Procycling loves SIC bikes

SIC bikes, wheels and parts keep turning up on Procycling Magazine's Wish List of the world's best bike kit.

We suspect Sagan, Basso & Horner might have them on theirs too. But they're probably not allowed to say.


 Fixed Mag  

Fixed Mag Most Wanted: Thunder

Review of the SIC Thunder TX track frame.

They liked it.

 Cycling Plus 252   Cycling Plus ride hard & fast on Spitfire

Full review of the SIC Spitfire II as part of Cycling Plus mags budget Ti shootout.

They liked it.