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The Guide to Surviving Christmas as a Cyclist

Posted by Mikey Ducard on

We all know the catch-22 situation cyclists can get caught up in; you’ve busted a gut getting to the level you’re at all year, and now there’s party food and spuds knocking about, here, there are everywhere with your name on them! But, before we find you curled up in a ball, crying next to your bike, follow some of our handy tips that will help you survive the Christmas period as a cyclist…

Enjoy a Rest

After what we just said about devouring party food, this may not be the best point to start with, but it’s an important one, so just bear with us. A little time off the bike won’t do you any harm, so why not just enjoy a little rest from clocking up the miles? This is a good time to plan the new challenges for the next year or allow your body to get back to 100% after hitting it so hard over the year. After all, if Santa brings you some custom cycling wheels, you want to be fully recharged to give them the rides they deserve, don't you?

Think Moderation

The food chat has crept back into this point too! The temptations are literally around every corner and every room, meaning you can quite easily go OTT with the festive eating (and drinking). We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge a little - there’s nothing wrong that - but go too far and you’ll be working so hard through the new year rides to get you back to the level of fitness you were at before Xmas came around.

Top food tips to remember this Christmas:

- Choose the healthier option

- Portion control

- Moderation!

Set a Target

As we mentioned earlier, it can be really useful to have a solid target to aim for after all the festivities are done and dusted, just to keep you focused. Having said that, the Xmas period, for some, is a time when they can get out riding more as they have time off of work – not bad, eh? Either way, if you’re busy through Christmas, have a goal in mind that you want to smash in the new year, or if you’ve got targets in sight for December, then consider signing up to the RaphaFestive 500. This is a challenge for cyclists around the world in which you can try to get as close to 500km under your belt over the festive period as possible – or exceed it if you can!

No Excuses

Yes, it may be wet, it may be drab, but you’ve got your winter bike set up and you’ve got your winter kit ready to go, haven’t you? So, what’s the excuse? None! Oh, and don’t forget the turbo trainer either… you really can stay up to date and on top of your riding.

If you’re short on time, then hop on the turbo/rollers, and bang out a HIIT session. If you’re heading out and you don't have long or don't have a turbo trainer, then get to a hill and put in some hill repeats, then you can have that guilt-free chocolate on the sofa later!

Think Flexibility

You’ll no doubt have lots of commitments over Christmas, so don't beat yourself up if you can’t do the rides at times you would normally. Just modify your training to fit around any unavoidable Christmas commitments rather than completely stopping riding. If you can make yourself more flexible and utilise time to your advantage, then go for it! You don't always need to be ploughing into your lengthy base training sessions because something is better than nothing.

We know how hard it can be to get some spinning in, whether you have no time or you’re simply not allowed out to play, but hopefully, with our tips, you can stay relatively on track, all ready for making 2018 the best year on the bike to date! 

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