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A Year in Stats with Strava

Posted by Mikey Ducard on

In the words of Strava; “Tens of millions of athletes across 195 countries call Strava the home for their active life.” There’s no denying that the platform is a huge part of the worldwide cycling fraternity these days. We’re not here to say whether this is right or wrong, but however you view Strava and its influence it has on cyclists and cycling as a whole, it certainly helps to document the fact that cycling is bigger than ever!

On average, Strava users upload over one million activities every single day, helping to log a host of data for personal use and sharing with other Strava users – friends, members of clubs etc. to see.

So, as the year draws to an end, and you’re considering exactly when you’ll buy your new carbon bike wheels, why not check out Strava’s recent data on all kinds of annual cycling totals? We thought that you might find some of them as interesting as we did, so we picked out our favourites for you. Take a look and see if anything catches you by surprise…

Total Rides in the UK 2017

- 31 Million

Total Distance Covered in the UK 2017

- 904 Million Kilometres

Total Elevation Gain in the UK 2017

- 8.1 Billion Metres

Total Century Rides Completed

- 171,400

The Five Actions That Help Keep Athletes Motivated, Worldwide 2017

- Among athletes who set a goal, 92% are still active 10 months later

- Being a club member leads to having 46% more activities

- Commuters upload 43% more weekend activities

- Morning people make up 43% of athletes who train weekly

- Training weekly with others leads to 22% more activities in total (UK)

Most Popular Times for Solo Activities in the UK 2017

- 9 AM

Stats for Commuters in the UK 2017

- Average cycling distance was 13.1km

- Average speed was 22.1km/h

- 253,429 commutes per week

Top Three Cycling Segments in the UK 2017

- Regent’s Park – 2,039,575 attempts

- Herne Hill Velodrome – 1,728,636 attempts

- Richmond Park – 1,573,055 attempts

Stats for the Female Riders in the UK 2017

Cycling Averages Per Ride:

- 28 kilometres

- 20 km/h

- 238 metres elevation gain

- 1 hour 26 minutes

Stats for the Male Riders in the UK 2017

Cycling Averages Per Ride:

- 32 kilometres

- 24 km/h

- 290 metres elevation gain

- 1 hour 30 minutes

Stats for Food Mentions in Activity Titles, Worldwide 2017

- Coffee – 40,724 mentions

- Cake – 37,882 mentions

- Beer – 33,581 mentions

- Wine – 10,870 mentions

- Pizza - 5,684 mentions

- Chocolate – 5,338 mentions

- Eggs – 5,065 mentions

- Bacon – 4,842 mentions

- Sandwich – 4,159 mentions

- Burger – 3,254 mentions

Which stat surprised you the most? Did Strava’s data collectors miss any that you would have added in? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Image: Glory Cycles under Creative Commons.

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