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5 Benefits of Warm Weather Training in Winter

Posted by Mikey Ducard on

Are you fed up of the wet, cold and windy rides that the winter months throw your way whenever you have your rides? Ok, you may have a beautiful winter setup ready to fight the elements on – which has its benefits – but if you want to get out and rack up the miles on your beautiful new handbuilt bicycle wheels then the UK’s not so glorious winter roads aren’t the place to do it!

Instead of just looking at your shiny new hoops hung up on the wall waiting for the day the roads clear up and you can give them the attention they deserve; why not book yourself on a plane and get stuck into some warm weather training? We’d just add that this isn’t a jolly (not 100% true), so don’t go switching on to holiday mode the moment you get there; this is the ideal time to get some good training in which you can take back home and build on.

So, with this in mind, you may be wondering what the point of warm weather training is? Read on, and you’ll find out five of the best reasons to book up!


We’ve kicked off with arguably the most obvious one, but it still needs to be touched on. By heading off to a warmer country, you’re in the ideal place to get outside, soak up the vitamin D and get your training sessions completed. We’ve yet to find anyone who prefers riding in the rain and wind, so it goes without saying that the sun in the sky and the sight of some yet-to-be-conquered route ahead is more appealing. The warm weather also helps with giving you a mental boost as you return to the UK to ride through winter, fully motivated.

Break from the Norm

By going abroad for warm weather training, you are breaking up any routine that you may have unwittingly got yourself into while at home. By this, we mean when you suit up, clip in and pedal towards a route that you know “will do” just so you can say you’ve tucked some miles under the belt – we’ve all been there! So, get over to warmer climates, get focused on training, lose your distractions, leave work behind and let your legs do what they yearn to do!

Food for Thought

Challenging climbs, lengthy routes and demanding descents are a great combo for when it comes to building up a hearty appetite. This means that you can not only stop off at some lovely cafes en route, giving you some time to take in your surroundings and chat to the locals, but also, come dinnertime, you can try some new cuisine. Dishes that you wouldn’t have usually whipped up post-ride can be dived into while you’re at a training camp, and just so long as you’re fuelling yourself with the right things to aid your recovery, then you’re on to a winner.

Reap the Recovery Rewards

Rest and recovery are often neglected by cyclists of all abilities. You can be super keen to just keep on riding, pushing yourself to the limits, and so on, but essentially, you have to educate yourself and realise that you need to take the opportunity to recover like a professional athlete – not just train like a beast! With time to stretch, relax and sleep, warm weather camps are the perfect time to get a routine together that you can adopt and take back home with you once it’s well-drilled.

As the ex-head of British Cycling, Peter Keen, once said: “The bottom line is that the body does not get fitter through exercise. It gets fitter through recovery”.

The Roads!

If you’ve ever been abroad to Europe, for example, you will have noticed that the tarmac is just so much more appealing than the uneven, pothole-ridden stuff we endure here in the UK. People who don’t ride won’t grasp how appealing it is for a cyclist to see and experience those smooth roads that await! The thought of putting the hammer down and seeing what your bike can do on these roads is too much to resist, don't you think? 

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