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DM8 Elite Series - The Original Fat Boys optimised for 25mm road tyres, and even fatter off road

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These Fat Boys are not your ordinary kind of wheels. That's because I make the DM8s to deliver very much more - and all for very much less!

More: Speed. Grip. Comfort. Safety. Precision. Control.

Less: Tyre Pressure. Fatigue. Effort. Expense.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese

Fat Boy Rim = More Wheel!



If you're riding 25mm & bigger tyres - or if you're still on "23"s - DM8 series wheels are made precisely for you!

I've engineered the DM8s to maximise the on-road performance, speed & comfort of 25 - 28mm tyres. Big tyres need big support, and that's exactly what the super wide DM8 Fat Boy Rim profile delivers.

Say Goodbye + Say Hello

Say a final farewell to stupidly uncomfortable tyre pressures of 120 psi and more, along with bulging tyre profiles more reminiscent of an old-fashioned lightbulb. Instead, it's time to give a warm welcome to effortless speed, massive all-weather grip and the kind of sublime ride that only Rolls Royce has delivered on the road until now.

Slot a pair of these Fat Boys in your bike and you're in for a treat. You'll find it truly eye-opening - rather than eye-watering - what a mere 50 - 70 psi of air in your tyres can do for your ride.

Don't worry if your favourite tyre says 23 on its sidewall - you may be surprised to know that it's more likely to be a true-width 25mm tyre in reality. And that's the fastest tyre for the road on any DM8 wheelset!

With toroidal airfoils upto 30mm at their widest, the DM8 rim profiles are precision engineered to make your ride come alive on bigger section tyres, finally delivering the enhanced comfort, speed and grip that big rubber has always promised - yet until now was never truly achieved when wide tyres are held back and pinched-in by lesser, skinnier rims.

The result of all this rim-to-tyre optimisation is really significant - much more so than a saving of 10g, 100g or even 1kg in total bike wieght. You feel it on your very first ride and every ride thereafter. A massive decrease in rolling resistance coupled with increased cornering grip - and all of this delivered at significantly lower tyre pressures. And what that means is high speed, precision control, supreme all-day ride comfort and increased safety, in all conditions.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese



These Fat Boys are super wide - yet fit most modern road and race frames

Despite their substantial width, the DM8 Fat Boys slot comfortably not only in gravel, adventure, CX, and track frames, but also most modern road race frames - thanks to some carefully thought-through design engineering. Whilst the super wide 19.85mm internal bead width is designed to ensure the perfect arc tread profile with 25mm tyres, the external profiles taper down from 30mm at their widest to just over 26mm at the tyre for greater frame / fork clearance. Compatible with tubeless and standard tyres from 25 - 30mm. Robust, tough and highly durable for year-round performance in all weathers.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese



The only wheels specifically optimised for 25mm tyres

With 25mm tyres what you get is perfect tread profile, arcing smoothly from one edge of the rim to the other, with no need for high pressure nor bulging sidewalls. And what this means to you, out on your bike is more! More speed, more grip, more comfort, and more safety. And all of this with less effort.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese

DM8s are wider than most wheels are deep!








Precise, powerful braking that's always dependable

DM8 rims feature Dark Matter ceramic matrix composite brake surfaces which deliver powerful no-fuss no-drama stopping - not just in the dry, but in driving rain and on long alpine descents.

Precision handling in all weathers

Toroidal rim profiles deliver great stability with predictable handling in all rim depths from 38mm to 58mm.

Precision Hand Built in England

Unlike all those other wheels you can find in similar price brackets - as well as bulge-bracket brands that are up to 3X more expensive - these Fat Boys weren't just "proudly designed in the UK". That's because instead of taking the easier and cheaper route of sub-contracting everything out, I choose to do all the important - and all the difficult stuff - myself. What this means is that every Fat Boy wheel is precision hand built from start to finish, with fanatical attention to detail, by me. And it means your wheels were made specifically for you - just for you - and the way you ride.

If you fancy seeing how I do it, you'd be most welcome. But please book an appointment via email, the contact pages or by calling me first, as I'm pretty busy making some serious speed for all those riders who're currently way ahead of you!

DM8 Elite Series Original Fat Boys