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The Best Carbon Disc Brake Wheels for the Money - Hand Made in the UK

Disc Bike or Road Bike - these Fat Boys are your perfect partner for both!

Specify our disc hub option when ordering your Fat Boys and we'll make you one truly great pair of high performance super wide aero carbon wheels to use in all your bikes - no matter how you brake, no matter what axle system. With interchangable axles and superior braking available at the rim itself, these wheels are too good to limit to just a single bike or ride discipline. As fast in your next road race as they're fun grinding out the trails, these might just be the only wheels you'll ever need!


DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese


Why should wheels be Disc or Rim Brake or even Axle specific?

It just limits us riders to upgrading wheels on one bike or the other, or spending twice as much money on sets for each bike, and forces us to choose between QR and thru axles when who knows what the next generation bikes just around the corner may be using.

Well, we probably think differently to other wheel brands, so we've engineered these wheels to work perfectly any and all ways - with disc brakes, with rim brakes, with traditional road QRs or the very latest thru-axles.

It may surprise you that one wheel can do both rim and disc braking perfectly and without compromise, and that's most likely because our friends in the Big Bike Industry are doing their very best to sell us all the idea that braking at the hub involves different forces than braking at the rim. It doesn't. Braking at the rim is simply the same thing as braking on a hub mounted disc rotor with the same radius as the rim. And whether we stop by applying friction force to a rotor or the rim, the total forces dealt with by the wheel are the very same.

Big Bike Inc also claims that a "disc rim" can be made lighter when we no longer use it for braking. You can of course always make any rim lighter - but lighter always comes at a price. Reducing weight simply means using less material in the structure. And less material means less stiffness and also less strength.

Less strong is not something we like in our wheels, especially when many of our disc builds end up being pounded over gnarly gravel and CX trails week in week out. Hard rock impacts onto carbon rim edges never end well when the designer has tried to lose a few grams of re-inforcing structure in this area.

And just because you no longer brake at the rim doesn't mean we should consider sacrificing stiffness in this all-important rim to tyre interface zone. Reducing material structure in order to save some grams also results in a significant loss of stiffness and along with it, strength.

But one of the key factors that make our Fat Boys ride and perform so well is this very stiffness that we purposely built right into this part of the rim. Stiffness here not only serves as a highly robust platform for efficient rim braking but together with the extra generous internal rim widths we employ, it's what transforms tyre control under load whilst enabling high performance at incredibly low pressures. It's simply one of the biggest factors behind the class leading speed, grip, roll and comfort our wheels have become so well known for. So this is simply not something we'd like to sacrifice just to save 10 or 20 grams in a pair of wheels.


DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese


So what does this mean for you? It means a single pair of superbly crafted, precision engineered, aero carbon wheels that does both rim and disc braking without a single compromise to your speed, performance, comfort or safety. The hypothetical weight saving of a "disc specific" rim design is more than compensated by increased usability, durability, and stiffness, yielding ultimate tyre control and performance at low pressure.

And whether it's the money you'll save on not having to buy high performance wheels for all your bikes, or simply a case of future proofing your investment in your one and only bike right now, just in case some day you be tempted onto that new-fangled disc model, this matters. Because we're talking about your hard earned cash.

These super wide & aero profile disc braking Fat Boys will simply double your fun slotted in your traditional & disc road bikes, or out on the gravel trails in your adventure & CX bikes. And smart axle design means any axle system from QR to Thru.

And with strong efficient braking in all weathers guaranteed, whether you run rim brakes or centre-lock disc rotors, maybe you'll forgive us for rating these wheels unbeatable value.

Real world performance, durability and 100% direct "Always On" Maker to Rider communication and service that can't be beaten by any famous Big Bike brand at 3 or even 4x the cost. And every one of them precision hand built in the UK, we can't think of too much not to like.

These wheels are made with our super fast DM8 and DM8 Revolution Series Fat Boy Rims, lovingly hand built onto lightweight SPN Precision centre-lock disc hubs with multiple axle options.

Available to fit bikes with standard dropouts designed for QR road 130 and disc 135 axles, or for the latest generation 12 and 15mm thru-axles. Just let us know your precise axle requirements in the Comments Box at the checkout page. 

Got a rim brake road bike too?  Then halve your investment and double your fun by adding our QR 130 road axle and front QR converters to your order, and simply ride your new wheels fast and EVERYWHERE!


When choosing a disc hub build for your wheels, choose "disc" as your hub type from the options menu, and please remember to tell us your front and rear axle requirements in the Comments Box during checkout.

Weights for all wheels (except the Gravel Kings) are quoted below in road hub build. Disc hubs add under 90g / pair to the quoted weights.


Our disc hubs are available in these exclusive colours only, shown from left to right below: Havana Smoke, Cobalt Azure (sold out - new batch available soon), and hand polished Raw Alloy (sold out)

DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese


Currently riding rim brakes but thinking your next bike might have discs? Or maybe you already have both bikes in your stable?

No problem - these Fat Boys are disc & rim brake compatible!  Just choose the axle types you need, or add a second set of axles for your other bike from our spares store.

Disc Brake Wheels for Road, Gravel & CX