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Demo Fleet and Refurbished Titanium Frames

Check in here to find great deals on ex-demo and pre-owned frames, framesets and even occassionally complete custom built superbikes.  

Every frame comes backed by our full materials and workmanship Refurb Store warranty, having first been thoroughly workshop inspected and certified 100% road worthy. During our inspections we check and test every individual tube, weld & component part for integrity and for tell-tales of crash damage and any potential future problems.

When a frame doesn't pass our stringent tests then if it's possible and viable to do so, whatever problems we've discovered are rectified through a process of precision re-manufacturing. One of the great things about titanium is that a stressed or damaged tube can be re-worked or entirely replaced. The result, notwithstanding minor and cosmetic battle scars that talk proudly of a frame's history, is actually not so different from a brand new build. 

We reckon this offers a canny and shrewd investment: a top-end titanium frame at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new one, but with the piece of mind that comes backed up and warranted by a full factory inspection, test & correction process.  

Please check the individual frame descriptions for full details of size, condition and history (if known). 

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