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Speed Metal Custom Ti bike #SpinOnThese #SpeedMetal

Custom Made Titanium Bike Frame


Speed Metal is custom crafted titanium made perfect for you and no other rider


From drawing board to your ultimate N+1 in as little as 6 weeks

Every frame built with just one special rider in mind:





Titanium bike. Custom made.


You are not an off-the-shelf cyclist!


You are not Mr or Ms Average. So why are you still riding that bike made for them?


Imagine instead spinning your favourite roads & trails astride nothing less than bespoke, full custom. Truly Your Bike and no one else's.


A bike built around You. It starts with a unique, one-of-a-kind frame. A frame with precise tube dimensions down to the millimetre, and a ride tuned to respond the way you demand. A frame designed and created specifically and specially for you. And no other rider.


Speed Metal Custom titanium frames combine superbike performance, precision bespoke fit and yet remain suprisingly affordable. And our rapid fabrication times mean you could be riding Your Bike in just a few short weeks.


The pleasures of owning the perfect bike are sadly known to just a few. I'm here to help.


Deny yourself no longer! Your right to ride custom!

Speed Metal Custom Ti bike #SpinOnThese #SpeedMetal

Every rider who takes their cycling seriously should consider custom.

Get it right and it's the single best bike-flavoured investment you'll ever make.

And with Speed Metal titanium, the "good news" is, your bike will probably outlast you!



Custom Titanium