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Hey there, thanks for dropping by! I'm Drew, founder & Spin Meister General at Spin Industries and the same again at SPN Precision. Over the last 8 or 9 years I've done a lot of bike shows and events, and got asked lots of questions. And here's some of the answers...

Q: I've never heard of you! 

A: Well from what little I can remember from school, that sounds more like a statement. But I get the question it begs. So, Spin Industries is the company I created as an upstart player in the high end custom bike market. My aim was and remains this: simply create the bikes and wheels that I myself want to ride. It's never been my desire to be a big bike company. Just the best in those areas I choose to focus on: custom titanium frames and super fast wheels.

The bike stuff that me and my small team produce is not generic. The tech & engineering employed is bang up to date. My production methods are second to no one: from the CNC driven precision of the machine shop, through to artisan fabrication with fanatical attention to detail and finish. The bikes and wheels we create retain classic looks that celebrate engineering excelence and the raw unmasked beauty of functional raw materials and old school craftsmanship. And yet they perform at the very highest level, delivering a thrilling ride today and tomorrow. You can learn more about the bike equipment we make by browsing our store. 

Q: So where did you guys come from? 

A: Before making my own bikes and wheels, I spent my life riding the bikes that other people made whilst earning my living doing other stuff, from making music to making race cars and the teams that go race them. From solving problems in maths and physics, to inventing funky functional "smart" surfaces that make aircraft, cars and boats go better. Whilst I was having all that fun, riding my bike lots, and travelling the world, the rest of my family were knuckling down establishing the precision engineering business we founded more than 25 years ago and which today operates across Asia, designing, engineering, machining and fabricating complex components, tools & moulds on behalf of multinational industrial and engineering clients. And today these clients also include my bike component arm, SPN Precision. 

Q: Why are you making bikes and wheels? 

A: I'm making custom bikes and fast wheels because I love to - and not because I have to. I got started after a lifetime of riding other people's bikes, but always with that feeling of never being truly quite satisfied. Over the last 40 years I've had a lot of bikes, and quite a few from the top names out there. Some of these were fine bikes. It's just that there was always something about each of them that I thought could have been done better. A small detail that was missing perhaps. Or geometry and looks that just didn't do it for me. So, after riding and thinking about bikes my whole life, I realised no one else was probably ever going to make my best bike ever, so I'd just better get on with it myself.  And it turned out that some other bike riders liked what I came up with too. Not many, mind. But enough for me to make bikes my full time job.

Q: How come I never see your wheels / frames in my local bike shop? 

A: You can only buy the bikes and wheels we make direct from us, either by phoning or ordering online here. This way, I don't have to pad out any of my prices, inflating them with extra profit margins to cover middle men who add zero value to the route from bike maker to bike rider.

Q: But I don't feel safe buying expensive equipment without a local shop as back up!

A: I really like the direct connection I get to have with the people who actually ride what I make for them. And in turn, my customers really do appreciate buying directly from the man who made their equipment. If not universally so at the time of purchase, then certainly some time later when perhaps they need advice, service, just the right spare part, or when you've just crashed diving up the inside of that last race corner and need a rebuild or repair in time for the next weekend's big event.

At times like these, and all others, speaking direct to the maker means getting the fastest solution to whatever problem or requirement you have. Big brand equipment riders rarely receive fast, efficient and personal service, unlike those who Spin On These! Check out our Customer Reviews for real bike riders' views of their experience of dealing with us, as well as their thoughts on what we made for them.

Q: Why don't you stock stuff from the big bike brands? 

A: I prefer to sell just the stuff we make ourselves, and not get distracted trying to flog you bar tape, energy gels, groupsets and all the other stuff you can easily get from your LBS or online from Wiggle. We do also sell some bike stuff made by other people, such as my favourite fast tyres, but only if I like it, and only if truly it compliments what we make.  And when I say I only sell a component if I like it, that means that you'd find this part on my own bikes. If a component is not on one of my bikes, then I probably don't love it and you won't find it on sale here.

Q: Where do you make your stuff?

A: All our frames and wheels are made to order and precision hand built - specifically with you, your requirements and your riding firmly in mind throughout - in one of our special Speed Sheds, located in England and Italy.

We used to occupy a fancy modern industrial unit, along with a charming Victorian Barn converted into workshops and designer office space. Cool, but too expensive for a small bike company to justify. So a couple of years back I decided to cut out those extra costs and pass the savings on to you.

If you fancy seeing my Speed Shed and what goes on inside for yourself, you'd be most welcome. But do please get in touch first to get directions and make an appointment as we are always flat out making bike stuff.

Our priority is always making the best bike stuff we know how, for bike riders around the world who are just like you:

... in seeking out the very best equipment - just not necessarily the best known!