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The Best Carbon Bike Wheels For Your Money - Hand Made in England UK


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We reckon life's too short to ride dull bikes with zero comfort and even less grip. So what should you expect when you Spin On These Fat Boys?


How about the most fun you can pack into every mile?


That's what happens when you combine effortless speed with gut wrenching all-weather grip and a sublime ride. And all of this costs less than the big brands want you to pay them for merely average wheels.

The things is, the wheels we make aren't just the best wheels for the money. In fact, we reckon they're simply the best wheels you can find at any price. Wow! Bold claims huh? Well, you certainly shouldn't take our word for it. No one tells it like real riders, so we'd love for you to head right over to our Reviews section and hear directly what our customers around the world have to say. 

And whilst we're talking money, it's important to know that there's nothing budget nor entry level about the wheels we make - nor how we make 'em.  You could certainly spend very much more to ride any of those wheels from brands much more famous than us. But the sad truth is, no matter how much more you spend, you won't get any more wheel - nor performance - for your cash.  It's actually likely you get less, as most of your spend goes towards middle men, marketing, pro teams, distributors and anything other than actually making those wheels. 

So, how do we do it? First, our Maker To Rider Direct approach cuts out all the middle men, saving your £££ or $$$. Unlike with so many other bike brands, you're buying your equipment direct from the people who design, engineer and then actually make it. That's right - we don't say "proudly designed in" the UK, California or anywhere else where we don't actually make our wheels. More important still, it means no OEM manufacturer, no importer, no distributor, no resellers and no ProTour teams adding on their profit margins and huge costs along the way. Combine this with truly superior build quality, fanatical attention to even the tiniest of details (we simply believe that everything is important) and always 100% direct communication with our customers, pre- and post- purchase. Oh yeah, then there's also our famously super wide full carbon Fat Boy aero profiles.

So what does all of this add up to?  Wheels that deliver more. Much more. Ride changing wheels - life changing wheels!

+++ effortless speed +++ gut wrenching grip +++ all day ride comfort


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Demand more from your wheels:

More Speed. More Grip. More Comfort. More Control.

Demand More Wheel!

I've engineered the Fat Boy wheels we make to be fast, aero, light, stiff, robust, and durable. You know, all that stuff you read in magazines, the stuff that every high-performance wheel brand lays claim to - some more truthfully, and many more optimistically than others.

But for the original DM8s, and now with the Fat Boy Revolution series rim profiles, all of that was simply not enough. Because if you want to go really fast out there in the real world - consistently fast, with supreme comfort and sure-footed grip that can be taken for granted in all situations - then in fact it's your tyres that are the key.

Understanding this should be the first job of any good wheelsmith. Knowing that the sole and entire purpose of every wheel is to connect Rider through Tyre to Planet Earth might just be for the truly enlightened - or those truly obsessed. And from this one fundamental insight our entire approach to wheel engineering starts and ends.

Our primary goal in developing Fat Boy Rim was to deliver the optimal tyre contact patch in all conditions with modern 25mm tyres - arcing smoothly from one edge of the rim to the other, without the need for high pressures nor bulging sidewalls. Because what this means to you, out on your bike is more! More speed, more grip, more comfort, and more safety. And all delivered with less effort.


Demand more - but spend less!

Less cash. Less effort. More wheel!





Life's too short to ride boring wheels. These hand-built super wide profile aero Fat Boys will transform your ride. Quite possibly, they'll transform your life!

Swapping out your bike's standard mass produced skinny wheels - even when they're from a very expensive and terribly famous brand - for any of those I make will transform your ride and your enjoyment along with it. It's the single best bike investment you can make short of a custom frame. (And we make those too!)

My own lifetime of riding bikes led me to the conclusion that life's too short to ride rubbish wheels. That's why I decided to make my own bikes before it was too late! It's still the reason that I keep asking how the really great wheels we make today could be made better tomorrow. This process led me through the years to the potential in starting every performance wheel design with the tyre foremost in mind - it resulted in my first wide-profile carbon clincher designs back in 2010, and went on to become the 25mm wide X / DMX Series wheels a few years later, and the superb 28mm wide DM8 Original Fat Boys by 2014/15. In 2018 we launched the Fat Boy Revolution with the launch of our Custom Shop Series wheels offering a wide degree of personalisation with a choice of rim graphics and hub colours, each wheel the perfect match for today's 25-28mm high performance road tyres - and as much fun as you can handle off-road with even fatter rubber.

I believe that every serious rider deserves to spin on awesome wheels and enjoy the huge smiles that come with it. Not just the pros, nor just the fastest amateur club racers. Not even just those who race at any level. And not just those riders with the biggest bulging wallets. Naturally I'd love to make wheels for all you top level guys n gals too - but I'm equally thrilled whenever I get to make awesome wheels for that rider venturing tentatively out on their first carbon wheels and serious investment in equipment ever.

So no matter what kind of rider you are - rich or poor, fat or thin, fast or slow, racer or just pottering along for the joy of the ride like me - I'm here to help.

To help you enjoy your bike so much more.

Sincerely Yours
The Spin Meister



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