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The Koppenstopper: DM8-GX Fat Gravel Kings - 28mm wide 28mm deep & 1432g/pr

Precision hand built to order in around 1 week
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Gnarls Berkeley meets Fat Boy Rim!
These super-wide super-light full carbon Koppenstoppers are ready to spin down the gnarliest of trails 


  • Profile: Offset, hookless, disc and tubeless-specific super light and super wide
  • Width: 28mm external to optimise the tread profile of a wide range of tyres from 28 upto 40mm wide
  • Tubeless-specific: Whilst you can still use an inner tube or run these tubeless, we do recommend fitting only tubeless-certified tyres
  • Hubset: all new SPN Precision lightweight centre-lock disc hubs, with either 12mm or 15mm thru-axles front and rear, or with optional adaptors for more traditional frames requiring a QR skewer  

So what're they like to ride, Mister?
If you've never ridden precision hand built wide profile wheels before, you're in for a shock - a bike transformingly good one! Slot the DM8s into your bike and immediately you'll exerience super fast rolling, precision, sure-footed turn-in and huge amounts of mid-corner grip.

This is all down to the stiff & superwide cinemascreen 28mm Fat Boy Rim section, which permits standard 23-30mm tyres to open up to achieve their optimal tread and sidewall arc profile. Combine the arc profile with a significantly lower requirement for air pressure and what have you got? Low rolling resistance on the straights means more speed for no extra effort. Greater tyre to ground contact area when your bike is banked over means more grip for carving through the twisty stuff. Lower tyre pressures means more road shock and buzz is absorbed for significant gains in all-day ride comfort.  

All this top-end performance, great reviews & light weight seems reasonably priced! So I suppose you just sub your production out to Far East mega factories like everyone else? 
In fact the answer is No - the Spin Dr. likes to make all of his own wheels and keeps costs down by simply not allowing money to be spent on anything that doesn't directly enhance our bikes and wheels. And rather than hiring in help to do stuff that other companies regularly call in outside consultants and experts for, we just get on and figure out how to do it ourselves. 

So, every wheel we make, from the least to the most expensive in our range, is precision hand built in the Spin Dr.'s old shed, deep in the Stratford countryside. We call our shed the Speed Shop because inside is where we create the Spin to enhance your speed and enjoyment on the bike.  

Building every wheel by hand from start to finish means a great deal of attention to detail gets paid at every stage, and starts with matching spoke selection and lacing to rider weight. Making wheels this way allows us to ensure every one is built with the right balance of high and even spoke tensions, necessary to deliver sufficient lateral and torsional stiffness to transfer every watt of power and degree of steering input directly to the road, providing the perfect platform for secure stable handling in all conditions. It's also the vital key that means our wheels are strong enough to take a regular pounding and still keep on spinning!

And by actually making our own wheels there's an added bonus that you probably never think about when buying shiny new bike gear. The people who make our wheels are right here, ready to answer all your questions, advise on builds, service issues, and spare parts. Plus we regularly turn around our customers' wheels sent for service or repair in as little as 12 hours.

All Spin Koppenberg road wheels are built on our well proven superlight forged & 3D machined alloy hubset which features fail-safe 48-point drive engagement for instant power with zero lag whenever you put the power down. And naturally for wheels this utterly Rock 'N' Roll, our freehubs go all the way up to 11. 


Stop Press! Spin The News

Spin Koppenberg alloy and carbon Fat Boys consistently rank amongst's handful of the best road wheels they've ever tested.

In 2015, they were featured in's Buyers Guide To Road Wheels and ranked amongst their 8 of the best ever.

They're also on's list of the top 20 cycling products of 2014/5

Warranty Information

Warranty - One year
Crash Replacement Program - Lifetime for original owner

Product Specifications

Weights (average, grams):
Front 650 / Rear 782 (24 spoke) / Pair 1432
Rim Width, Depth (mm), Profile & Finish:
28 wide x 28 deep 3DO Offset Toroid matt UD carbon
Hub Front:
SPN centre-lock disc with 12mm Thru Axle
Spokes Front - 24 Two-cross:
Sapim D-Light
Hub Rear:
SPN centre-lock disc 142 x 12mm Thru Axle
Spokes Rear - 24 / 28 Two-cross:
Sapim D-Light drive / non-drive chosen for rider's weight
11 Speed Drivetrain:
Tubeless Compatible:
Yes - with optional tubeless rim tape, sealant, valves & tyres
QR Compatible:
Yes - with optional QR conversion kit sold seperately
What's In The Box:
10/9/8 speed freehub converter

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