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My older generation Koppenberg DMX Fat Boy Rims were originally engineered to optimise ride performance on 23mm tyres

Back when I started developing the X / DMX Series wheels, we all rode and raced the road on real 23mm tyres. The only problem is, most great road tyres sold as 23s these days truly measure around 25mm - and that's why I developed the DM8 range.



DM8 Fat Boys #SpinOnThese #WinOnThese



DMX wheels are made with fast fat airfoil section full carbon rims upto 30mm wide and precision engineered to make your ride and your tyres come alive to perform the way they were designed to. Koppenberg carbon wheels deliver aero performance with significantly lower rolling resistance and higher grip levels, precision control, safety & comfort. 

Dark Energy DMX series rims are engineered to optimise true width 23mm tyres, with a 25mm external / 18.2mm internal width. Compatible with tubeless and standard clincher tyres from 23 - 28mm. Robust, tough and highly durable for year round performance in all weathers.

Pro tip: Most high-end road tyres sold as 23mm these days truly measure 25mm or bigger on a fat rim like the DMX or DM8.  

If you think 25mm & wider tyres are the future, then I recommend you consider my brand new DM8 series Super Fat Boys - engineered specifically to optimise the ride on true-width 25mm tyres - and that means  tyres that say 23 and bigger on their sides !

Precise, powerful braking that's always dependable
All Koppenberg carbon rims feature our Dark Matter engineered ceramic matrix composite braking surfaces to deliver powerful stopping not just in the dry, but in driving rain and on long alpine descents - with no fuss and no drama. Perfect partner hybrid ceramic Dark Matter brake pads come with every pair.

Precision handling in all weathers
Our 3DToroidal aero rim profiles deliver stability and predictable handling at all depths from 40mm to 90mm, and with multiple national championship, World's road race & international elite triathlon winning performances under their belt, you'll be sure to spin faster and stop harder with no extra effort.

Precision Hand Built in England
Unlike other wheels you can find in similar and also in significantly higher price ranges, Spin Koppenberg wheels aren't just "proudly designed in the UK". Unlike other brands, I choose to do all the important stuff myself instead of taking the significantly cheaper and much easier route of sub-contracting everything out. Every single Koppenberg wheel is hand built from start to finish, with fanatical attention to detail. Your very own Fat Boys are made by me, and I make them just for you and the way you ride. It's all done right here in my Speed Shop in the heart of England. If you'd like to see how I do it, book an appointment and I'd be delighted to show you as well as talk you through all of my wheels.

Sincerely Yours
The Spin Meister

DMX Series Fat Boys